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Fast Truck Lockout Services Salt Lake City

If you are working then time is money. Work trucks can sometimes be more difficult to open, but do not worry, Extra Locksmith still has the solution for you. Our technicians are equipped with a variety of up to date technology and tools to unlock various models of trucks and 18 wheelers. Our technicians are fast, honest, and reliable, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands when you call extra locksmith to unlock your truck.

Unlocking 18 wheelers Salt Lake City

Usually 18 wheelers do not have electric locks. They have an older style of a locking mechanism that has a rod which is pushed up to unlock, and down to lock. With this situation, our technicians can usually stick an airbag between the window and door and create space, then stick the slim jim tool and hook it on the rood, then pulling up on it to get it unlocked.

Another way we can unlock 18 wheelers is by using specialty airbags, long reach tools, and maybe even grabber tools to unlock your truck . On some newer models this works better because for some reason the older trucks have tighter doors than some of the newer ones. We would create space using an airbag and still a long reach tool to push the unlock button, or a grabber tool to grab the rod and unlock it by pulling up on it.

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Truck lock picking

When those other methods don’t work, our technicians can also use specialty picking tools to unlock your truck.

They are equipped and trained to use specialty wafer and single pin truck lock picks. Sometimes this is the best method to use when the other methods do not work.

They will apply tension with a tension tools and try to mimic the shape of the key using their pick tools at the same time to get the cylinder to turn.

Keys locked in trunk

Another unfortunate situation could be you having locked the keys in your trunk and not the inside of your vehicle. Many cars today have ways to fold down the seats or push a button when inside which pops the truck open. Unfortunately, not all trucks have this and sometimes the security mechanism may actually engage a system which disables the person from being able to use the button from inside the car to unlock their trunk.

If this is the case in your situation do not panic, Instead call extra locksmith Salt Lake City and we will come to help you out. One way we can solve this problem is by making a metal key for your car. Many trucks and vehicles today come equipped with transponder keys and immobilizer. However if all you need is simply a key to open the trunk of your truck we can simply cut a metal key and help you save a little bit of money.

Spare Key duplication

With every truck and vehicle lockout we are able to offer our customers 10 percent off a key duplication if they choose to have the service performed on site and if we have the correct key blade for your car.

If our technician does not have the key blade in their van we can always order one for you and give you this incredible deal in the future with an invoice present proving that we helped you out earlier.

Not only can we cut a metal key for your door, but also cut and program a transponder key that you can use to start your car if your vehicle requires it.

Some people with cars that have immobilizer prefer to have a spare copy of a metal key that can not be used to start their car. That way if they ever get locked out and they have that metal key tied to their hood they can still take it to unlock their car.

However, if anyone else gets a hold of that metal key they still wouldn’t be able to use it to start their vehicle and steal it.

Affordable and reliable Truck Lockout Services

Everyone knows what it is like to be stuck in that unfortunate situation when you have to call a locksmith for an emergency situation. Here at Extra Locksmith our priority is to serve our community and give them fair and honest pricing, as well as to be as transparent as possible.

That is why we always provide accurate ETAs and pricing over the phone to all of our customers. We do not try to lure you in with the hit and run scams like some of the other companies in the industry.

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Call extra Locksmith for any locksmith issue you may have. We are honest, fast, reliable, and offer competitive pricing. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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