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We offer house rekey SLC service which can help save you money from having to replace your locks when you just need a new key for security reasons.  Or inthe event you want all your keys to match your locks.

What is a Lock Rekey?

Understanding a Lock. Rekeying a lock means changing out to make a different key work with your lock than the current one. A residential lock usually has 5 top and bottom pins inside of the cylinder. The top pins usually are all the same length and the bottom pins are of various lengths. Each top and bottom pin are like a pair and when they meet at a sheer line the cylinder can turn to lock or unlock the lock.
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Understanding a Rekey?

Just like most residential keys have 5 pins, there are usually 5 slots on residential keys that align with the 5 spaces where the pins are. Each slot is cut to a different depth and corresponds to the different lengths of the pins. Therefore, if you can replace the pins to those with different lengths, a key with a different combination of depths would now work in the lock. That is exactly what we do when we rekey a lock. We take out the bottom pins and replace them with ones of different lengths in different positions to match a different key.

Rekey Services in Salt Lake City

Extra Locksmith is proud to offer the city of Salt Lake City our premier rekey services. Have you just changed tenants? Have you just moved into a new home or apartment? Maybe your recently did some maintenance work to your home and gave the contractor a copy of your keys.
Any of these reasons are good enough to rekey your home. Usually rekey services are more cost effective than simply replacing all of your locks. Save time and money by calling Extra Locksmith today!

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Rekey Any Many types of Locks

Here at extra Locksmith we rekey many types of locks. The two most common lock keyways for residential homes are kwikset and schlage, but these can come in many different lock brands, styles, and lock types. No matter the lock type you have, whether it is a door knob, door lever, or a deadbolt, our technicians can handle it.

Lost a House Key in Salt Lake City

If you have lost one or more of your house keys in Salt Lake city then call Extra Locksmith today. Someone may have gotten a hold of them and could potentially have access to your home. Or you may have just lost all of your keys and have no way of locking your door from the outside. If this is the case then call Extra Locksmith Today and let us help you out.

Master Residential Rekey?

Are you a landlord that has many different units and are tired of keeping track of all different keys you have? Call Extra Locksmith Salt Lake City and let us find a solution for you. We can set up a master key system in place for you and your tenants. This would mean that you would be able to give each tenant a different key but still have one other master key that would open up all of the units.

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