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Bottom Door Knob Lockout

The most common call we get for lockouts is when someone has locked the door and closed it behind them without the key in hand. If this is the case, you are probably just locked out of a door lever or door knob. This is because you can not lock a deadbolt and then shut the door behind you. The deadbolt’s latch flips out and stays out while the latch on a doorknob works on a spring that can be retracted if it is pushed down on. This security flaw can be taken advantage of.

Our locksmith technicians have specialty tools that wedge space in the door along with special tools that push on the latch without causing damage. You can try this yourself but it is always best to call a trained professional as not to cause damage to your property. Taking care of the situation alone can always lead to more issues in the future.

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Deadbolt Lockout

As mentioned before, a deadbolt does not have the same security flaws as a doorknob or door lever. This means that you must either completely destroy the lock or somehow get the cylinder to spin in order to unlock the door. You can get the cylinder to turn without destroying it by picking the lock. To understand how lockpicking works you must first understand the inner mechanics of a lock

Looking inside of a lock

A lock works when the top and bottom pin align at the sheer line. When all the pins inside the cylinder meet along this line in just the right way the cylinder can turn. The different spaces along the key are cut at different lengths corresponding with the lengths of the cylinders. Residential locks usually have cuts one through 5 or one through 6 which correspond to pins of different lengths. Each space along the key is cut to one of these lengths and there is a different pin in the same space inside the cylinder. When all these align properly the cylinder can turn

Picking A lock

Therefore, if you could use a tool to apply tension, which basically means torque, on the cylinder, while mimicking the shape of the key, then you should be able to pick any lock. This is exactly what lock picking is, you’re using a pick tool to mimic the shape of the key while using the tension tool to apply the torque.

While in theory this means you should be able to pick any lock, it isn’t always the case. Just like any piece of code could technically be decoded, or any software hacked, the amount of resources and time it would take to achieve that could be very high. This is the same way with lock picking. There are just some locks that are very difficult to get into because of the security features they offer.

Security Features On different types of Locks

There are many different types of locks that offer different security features. The most standard residential lock has 5 pins of similar lengths and can be picked very easily. One way to make it harder to pick a lock would be to have security, or spool pins, Spool pins are shaped kind of like a compressed coke can, and it can have a false set in multiple places, making it harder to pick.

Kwikset Smart Lock house lockout SLC

A kwikset smart lock is the one that has a little hole on the side of the cylinder. It offers better protection than a standard lock and is easier to rekey. However if you lock yourself out of one it is not as easy to get back into it. While a standard residential lock works with simple pins and springs that can be pushed up and down, a smart lock is more like a key ignition. It has a sidebar that has to be pushed in while all the springs and wafers have to be aligned perfectly to push that side bar in in order to pick the lock. There are actually not great tools on the market to push that sidebar in which makes the kwikset smart lock nearly impossible to pick. However, do not panic, call extra locksmith today. We can have a technician out there to help you get back in your home quickly and effectively

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