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Are the locks in your home really old and out of date. Maybe they are jamming up and you, are hard to turn, and aren’t giving you the type of security you are looking for. Call Extra Locksmith today and find out how we can help you with your issues. Do you have locks in your home that are all different keys and want them all to be the same key?

Making all the locks in your home match one key

This is a common issue we run into in our business and sometimes a rekey is not enough.

Just like a jeep key will not work in a toyota, different types of residential locks have different types of keys that fit with them. So a schlage key will not work in a kwikset lock.

This is one great reason to have some locks on your home changed. Do this to make all the locks in your house standard, that way you won’t have to have different keys for different locks.

This will save you time and money in the future.

High security Lock Installation

Are you simply not satisfied with the type of locks on your home. Most residential locks have major security flaws and are simply easy to pick or take advantage of their security flaws. If this is the case call extra locksmith for a quote on high security lock installation. We offer a variety of solutions which are time and budget effective for all customers. No matter the type of locks you have or wish to have on your doors extra locksmith can help you find the right lock for your home.

Fresh Lock Installation

A fresh installation of a lock is an instillation of a lock where there wasn’t one before. Call Extra Locksmith today to beef up the security of your home in Salt Lake City. Many homes have a side or garage door with only one door knob or door lever lock installed.

If this is the case in your home it can be a serious security issue for you. This is because of how door levers and door knob latches work. The latch of a door knob or door lever is not like the latch of a deadbolt. The latch of a deadbolt works by twisting it and once twisted you have to untwist it to make the latch retract.

Meanwhile, the latch of a door knob works with a spring. You can always retract it if you can find a way to push on it. This means that it could even be possible to pop your door open with a credit card or anything that is thin enough to slide between the door and the frame. This makes it easy for criminals to get into your home.

If this is the case call extra locksmith today. We can have our technician over to your place and do a fresh installation of a deadbolt inside your home in no time and for very little cost. This simple service could save you from one day having your home broken into. In addition to cutting the hole and installing the lock we will also make sure to rekey it so that it can match all the other locks in your home.

Home Lock Installation Salt Lake City & Rekey

All of our Salt Lake City lock installation services also come with a complimentary rekey service of that lock. That is why if you need a lock installed in salt lake city the only company you should call is extra locksmith.

Whenever we install a lock on your home we always want you to have the best experience. This is why we make sure that the lock we install for you is compatible with the rest of the locks on your home or the rest of the locks we install in your home.

Once we determine the best type of lock for your home we can install that type which is compatible and we rekey it to match everything else. This way you don’t have to deal with a different set of keys for each lock in your home.

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Affordable lock installation Salt Lake City

There is a reason why people call extra locksmith for Salt Lake City lock installation services in Salt Lake City. It is because not only do our products increase the security of your home, but also because customer satisfaction is our number one concern. Our dispatchers and technicians are knowledgeable and friendly.

Any one of your questions we can answer, hopefully over the phone but sometimes it is something we may need to take a look at in person. When we set an appointment we abide by our schedule and do not double book or overbook our technicians like some other companies. Our pricing is always upfront and honest. Home Lock Installation Salt Lake City call Extra today!

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Call extra Locksmith for any locksmith issue you may have. We are honest, fast, reliable, and offer competitive pricing. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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