Before calling our dispatchers it may be useful for you to read some of these frequently asked questions that many of our customers have. This will help you save time and make the dispatching process more smooth.

I have lost my car keys and I do not know what to do, can your locksmith company help me out?

Yes. When you call Extra Locksmith in Salt Lake City there is no reason to get your vehicle towed to the dealer. Call us instead. Calling us will not only save you money in towing, but we also regularly beat dealer prices and can do the same job even better and faster.

My key won’t turn in my ignition, can you fix this problem for me?
Yes. There could be many factors that go into this problem. 9 out of 10 times it is damaged wafers or springs inside of the ignition cylinder. Call one of our technicians to come on site, diagnose the problem, and help you get it fixed. Normally we can pull out the cylinder, repair or replace the broken parts, and your car will be running again. This typically happens due to a worn out or damaged key so with this service we also offer key duplication and programming.
I am locked out of my car and need to get to work, do you offer same day service?
Here at extra locksmith we are dedicated to helping out our community. That is why we offer same day emergency locksmith services. We know you are in a rush so we try to get someone out to you as quickly as possible. We always offer reliable ETAs and open and honest pricing, transparency is what we strive for at Extra Locksmith.
I have a car with a push to start key, not a regular ignition key, can you make one of those for me or do I have to go to the dealer?
Here at Extra Locksmith we can program keys for the majority of vehicles including push to start cars. We don’t only usually beat dealer prices, but we come to you so that you don’t have to worry about being stranded while waiting to have your car towed.
I just moved into a new house and want to make sure the old homeowners don’t have access anymore, what can you do for me?
There are two solutions in this situation, one is to change the locks and the other is to rekey them. Depending on the type of locks you have, how old they are, and how well they function, is what determines the best solution for you. Normally we can just rekey all the locks for you and it will save you the money of having to get new locks. However, if you do end up needing new locks, our lock change service comes with a free rekey when you purchase the locks from us.
How long are your average response times?
This depends on how busy we are and what day it is. Some days we are very busy and may take longer while other days we can have someone out within minutes. Normally for emergency situations we try to have someone out to you within about fifteen minutes whenever possible.
Do you guys take appointments, what is the reservation or cancellation fee?
Yes, we do book appointments. We always make sure that if we book an appointment that we do not overbook and specifically schedule the job out for an individual technician. This way they will not be late to the appointment. Our technician will call or send you a message when the appointment is about 30 min to an hour away, depending on how far away they are from the job site. There is no cancellation fee up until this point. Only if you tell the technician to still come then decide you don’t want to do it and they show up on site do we charge a service call.
Why do you call 30 min to an hour ahead of the appointment time?
This is for your as well as our convenience. It helps us because it gives the technician a chance to double check the address of the job site before driving out there and realizing they are in the wrong location. It also helps you because it allows you to cancel without being charged a service call if you decide you do not want the service last minute.

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