Emergency Exit Door

What is a Crash Bar, Push Bar, Panic Bar?

If there’s an emergency at your business premises, you need to act quickly for the sake of your employees. Installing panic bars on building exits reduces the chances of something going wrong with the door during an emergency.

Panic bars feature design and construction with spring-loaded horizontal steel bars fixed to an outward-opening exit door. As a person pushed the lever, the door opens quickly, without the need to insert a key into a lock, and your employees can escape to safety.

Every business requires an emergency exit, and in most cases, more than one. Panic bars are part of the fire safety code in many states.
Panic bars suit installation in warehouses, commercial buildings, schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, government buildings, and offices, and any building where a mass amount of people might need to escape an emergency ion a hurry.

At Extra Locksmith, we have a wide range of panic bars and emergency exit systems available. We specialize in the installation and repair of all emergency exit systems anywhere in Salt Lake County. Our professional locksmiths have the specialized training necessary to handle any issues you’re having with your emergency exits.

Our mobile fitment team can visit your premises and install an emergency exit in minutes. Contact our call center right now and speak to one of your friendly consultants. We’ll dispatch a mobile team to your premises immediately.

Why Call a Local Locksmith for help ?

Fitting a panic bar system isn’t rocket science, but it requires a skilled technician that knows what they are doing. Attempting to fix an emergency exit yourself, without the necessary specialized training, could result in further damage to the exit.

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In an emergency, a damaged door presents a severe safety risk, and you could end up putting your employees in harm’s way, resulting in injuries and loss of life to your personnel. A local locksmith can visit your premises and check your emergency exits.

Affordable Panic Bar Installation and Replacement

At Extra Locksmith, we offer the professional installation and replacement service of panic bars for emergency exits at your business. Contact our call center today and speak to one of our friendly consultants.

We’ll dispatch a maintenance team to your premises, and have your emergency exit functioning properly in a matter of minutes.

Our locksmiths undergo an intensive training program before they join the team, and you can expect them to find the issue with your emergency exit, and handle the repair. If you recently purchased a new commercial building, and you need someone to install panic bars around your emergency exits, call Extra Locksmith.

Our fitment teams will visit your premises and install your emergency panic bars, ensuring that your building meets the local safety code.

Our licensed and bonded services ensure you get professional treatment, and we offer the best rates in Salt Lake County. In most cases, we can complete the fitment of your panic bar system in less than a day.

Affordable Panic Bar Pricing in Salt Lake County

At Extra Locksmith, we have a comprehensive range of panic bars and emergency exit systems for your commercial building or business premises. Call into our offices and speak with a sales consultant about a panic bar system to suit your emergency exit.
When we provide you with an estimate, we include all the costs involved with repairing or replacing your panic bar systems. There are no hidden costs, and the price we quote you is the price you pay.
We’ll work with your budget to find the ideal, cost-effective solution for your company. We have the best range in Salt Lake County and excellent pricing on call-outs and installations. Contact us today.

Panic Bar Services in Salt Lake County

At Extra Locksmith, you get quality safety products, and superior service, at an affordable price. Panic bars are critical safety features for any business or commercial property. When your emergency exits aren’t working correctly, dangerous situations arise when emergencies occur.

Don’t neglect the safety of your employees. Contact the professionals at Extra Locksmith, and book an inspection of your emergency exits right now. Our talented and professional locksmiths will visit your premises and conduct a thorough examination of your emergency exits.

We always look to repair your current systems before we recommend replacement. Contact our call center today, and protect your staff from workplace emergencies.

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