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When You need a commercial locksmith in Salt Lake City, think Extra Locksmith we are licensed, insured, and bonded.  We will take care your business as if it was our own!

Commercial Locksmith Services
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Here at Extra Locksmith in Salt Lake City we provide a wide range of salt lake commercial locksmith services. Anything from access control to rekey, we can handle. Call us today if you have any commercial locksmith Salt Lake City service needs in the area. We will send a trained professional to help solve your problem. Let’s say you have a broken crash bar. We can help fix it for you.

A common problem commercial buildings encounter is a broken crash bar, especially a broken vertical rod push bar with flush bolts. These vertical crash bars have a lot of moving parts and are not made very well, it is very common that these break. The reason they have these on commercial doors is because they are easy to install.

Vertical Crash Bar Conversion
Commercial Locksmith

One solution to do is to repair these vertical crash bar. However, due to the complexity of the system it is likely to break again. We have personally had customers in utah county that went to other companies to have the doors fixed only to find them broken again not even a few months later.

That is why we like to install a brand new system for our customers. What we do is install a mullion to divide the two doors, this way we can replace the vertical crash bar system with a normal one.

It would be a normal, horizontal system, that instead locks into the mullion in the center

Offering Crash Bar Repair 

The reason these double door vertical crash bar systems are installed is that they come premade. They can be ordered on truck pre-assembled and all the person then has to do is screw the door into place. Unfortunately, they have many moving parts and are usually made from cheap material so they tend to break often.

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We Provide:

Emergency Door Exit

Here at Extra Locksmith Salt Lake City, our technicians are aware of fire codes and standards. Help your building pass fire safety inspection by calling Extra Locksmith Salt Lake City. Part of how we do this is by adding or making sure your fire exit door is up to code. We can install Crash Bars as well as emergency exit alarms.

Handicapped Automatic Doors

Our Locksmith Technicians can also install handicapped automatic doors in Salt Lake City. Our technicians have years of experience in handicapped door installation in all types of buildings. If you have any questions please give one of our dispatchers a call and we can send someone out to discuss which option works best for you.

Commercial Rekey

Here at Extra Locksmith we also perform a commercial lock rekey service in Salt Lake City. We Rekey all types of commercial locks from mortise locks, commercial door levers, and even rim cylinders. We can hand lock rekeys on commercial glass doors, office doors, and crash bars. Whatever lock you need looked at or rekeyed, Extra Locksmith can Help.

Access Control

Our Locksmith Technicians also provide Access Control Systems to our commercial customers. Track who goes in and out of your buildings at what time with cutting edge software. Adjust times for different people to have entry to different offices at different times of day. All with easy to use software and hardware that we install for you. Call today for a bid.

Commercial Lock Installation

Do you want new locks installed on your door? Call Extra Locksmith today and find out how we can help you out. We do fresh installations of crash bars, mortise mechanisms, commercial door levers, and much, much more. Call Extra Locksmith today and find out how we can help you install new locks on your commercial building.

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Call extra Locksmith for any locksmith issue you may have. We are honest, fast, reliable, and offer competitive pricing. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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