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With Our Car ignition repair Salt Lake City services we can help when your key is stuck in the ignition or if you have lost all keys and the ignition has been replaced.  We repair/replace car ignitions.


Affordable Ignition Repair & Replacement Salt Lake County Area

Extra Locksmith offers a wide range of automotive locksmith services, including vehicle ignition services. There are many things that can go wrong with a vehicles ignition and depending on the situation, a different solution may be required to fix the problem. Take many Honda and Toyota cars for example.

Many Honda and Toyota cars are built with very sensitive wafers and springs inside of their cylinder. The wafers inside some Toyota ignitions are actually split in half. This means that over time, usually after around a hundred thousand miles, the key and the ignition will have worn out enough so that the ignition cylinder will no longer turn.

If this is the case the solution to this problem would be to take out the cylinder and replace the broken parts. There is no reason to waste your money and buy a whole new ignition, which is more expensive and you end up with two sets of keys, one for your door and another for your ignition. The best and most cost effective solution is to remove the cylinder and replace the broken parts on the inside of it. Making a new key should also be a part of the service because it’s likely that a damaged key is what caused the problem in the first place.

Common Ignition problems

  • Damaged ignition switch
  • Damaged ignition cylinder
  • Damaged/ old or worn out key
  • Ignition Replacement Services

    Ignition replacement services

    Sometimes an ignition is so damaged that the only thing to do is replace the whole thing. We have a wide variety of ignitions we can repair and

    Needing Ignition replacements, the next step is giving us a call about your particular vehicle and find out what we can do to help you out.

    After the repair we also offer key duplication and programming services. Usually the old key would is worn out or damaged so it is best to get another one duplicated so that the same issue doesn’t happen again.

    Diagnosing the Ignition

    The ignition repair Salt Lake City might need to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes it’s an issue with the switch and sometimes just the ignition itself.

    Our technician can come out there and determine exactly what the issue is and let you know the next steps. Sometimes if the car just won’t start but turns over it can be an issue with the chip inside the key.

    We can come out there and either re program or cut and program a new key for your vehicle.

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