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If you are looking for the best deals without sacrificing quality then you have come to the right business. Extra Locksmith specializes in providing affordable and upfront lock rekey services.

Extra Locksmith Salt Lake County Business  Rekey Services

Extra Locksmith is proud to present our services for business re-key to the entire salt lake county area. There are many reasons to rekey the locks of your business. You may have recently let someone go and are worried about them still having access to your store. You may have recently gotten a new office space or had one built out and are worried about previous tenants or foreman still having keys which grant them access to your store. If you are ever worried or are unsure about who has access to your office space it is always better to be safe than sorry when coming to these things. That is why it is better to call a locksmith Salt lake City than stay worried about the security of your store. No one regrets having a rekey done even if they are on the fence, but there are people who regret not doing it sooner.

How The Commercial Lock Works

Our Salt Lake City lock rekey technicians suggest that Mortise locks are the most common type of commercial locks. They are normally found on the front entrance of businesses on a commercial glass door. They are screwed onto a mortise locking mechanism and are held in place as not to spin by an “allen screw” or a “set screw”. The first step to rekeying these is to take the cover plate off on the side of the door, once you do that you unscrew the set screw then you can twist the lock off. Our technicians would then remove the tail piece of the mortise lock.

This tailpiece is what actually turns when you turn the key inside of the cylinder. When this tail piece turns it hits a small button on the mortise locking mechanism and this pushes out the latch. Once the tailpiece has been removed the technician can then remove the cylinder from the housing and replace the pins on the inside of the lock. After the pins have been replaced they will no longer match the length of the old pins and will now fit only the new key that the technician will give you.

Commercial Crash Bar Rekey

Many crash bars have a key slot on the outside of them. This type of lock is called a “rim cylinder” and is another common type of commercial locks that our business locksmiths encounter on a regular basis.

Our technicians are equipped to handle and rekey many types of commercial locks including the ones that fit on crash or push bars. If you have a crash bar that you want to be rekeyed give us a call today.

Office Door lever Rekey

Do you have a commercial office door that you have lost the keys to or simply wish to rekey because you do not know who else has access to it? Then call extra locksmith today and let us help you out. An office door usually has a pin with a spring on the side on the door lever. It needs to be unlocked to be pop the cylinder out. Once the cylinder is popped out you can replace the pins just like you would on a normal rekey. The new pins would be of different lengths of of the old ones and match a different key than the old one.

Restricted Keyway Rekey

We can also help you out by replacing your cylinders or locks with locks that have restricted keyways. Restricted keyways are keyways that have blanks that are extremely difficult to make copies for. Some are very hard to find to make it so that your employees wouldn’t be able to just go to their local hardware store and make copies of those keys. We can also provide blanks that say do not duplicate on them. This will relieve stress and worry in the future if you ever have to let an employee go. There will be very little to almost zero chance that they could go make duplicates of your office key. So if you just make sure to get the key from them before letting them go you can be sure that they won’t be able to gain entry to your place of business again.

Affordable SLC Business Lock rekey Services

Here at Extra Locksmith we love to serve our community. That is why we are proud to offer our commercial rekey services to the city of Salt Lake. When you set an appointment with one of our dispatchers our technicians will give you a call on the day of the appointment about 30 minutes to an hour before the appointment to confirm that you still need service.This way we won’t have to send anyone out and charge you the service call if you are unavailable for the service. We always offer accurate ETAs and make our appointments when we set them. We do not use these bait and switch pricing schemes like some of our competitors so you will always know what price range you are going to pay before we come out on site.

Highly Rated Business Rekey Services

Consider calling Extra Locksmith today to receive more information about your business lock rekey needs.

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