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With our business lockout Salt Lake CIty services we will get you back to business in no time!  Call us today and we arrive today.  With our fully stocked warehouse of locks & keys chances are we can not just get you back in but rekey or replace the lock if needed for security reasons such as lost keys.

Commercial Lockout Services Provided to all of Salt Lake County Area

Here at Extra Locksmith we take the role of serving our community very seriously. That is why we are offering our emergency business lockout Salt Lake City services. if you or your employees have locked yourselves out of your business in the salt lake county area then look no further than Extra Locksmith. We know how frustrating it can be and we know that it can throw your whole business day off. Time is money in this world and the longer you don’t operate the worse it can be for be for your business.

That is why you should call our company as soon as you have found out that you are locked out of your business. We always offer accurate ETAs over the phone and honest, upfront pricings. Simply be ready with the type of lock on your business and your address to make the dispatching process go by smoother and faster.

Commercial Glass Door lockout

Commercial buildings have many different types of locks and doors. Each one requires a different method to break into. If you have a commercial glass door than most likely it is a mortise cylinder. There are two methods to gain entry into a building like this, one is by breaking the set screw on the side which holds the lock in place and the other is by picking the mortise lock. Hire Extra Locksmith today and find out how we can help get you back into your building.

Crash Bar Lockout

If your door has a crash bar on the inside of it we can also break into that. Usually if there is a crash bar on the inside of your store, then most likely the type of lock that will be presented on the outside of it will be a rim cylinder lock. If this is the case call extra locksmith, we will be able to gain quick and painless entry back into your store or office building.

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Office Door Lockout

Commercial Office doors are usually equipped with commercial office door lever locks. These are normally schlage keyway locks with 6 security pins that are incredibly difficult to pick.

Sometimes you can pick them or even bump them open. Other times that method doesn’t work too well. If this is the case our technicians have a variety of other tools which can help them expose other security flaws in these types of locks in order to gain entry to your office door.

For example, our commercial locksmiths can use airbags and special tools which fit between the latch and the frame in order to push in on it so that the door can be jammed open.

This type of work needs to be done by a professional to reduce the likelihood of damaging the wood or frame surrounding the door.

Another method to help with your Business lockout Salt Lake City is using a tool which fits under the door in order to grab onto the other side of the latch so that the door can be opened just like it would be if you were inside of the office instead of locked outside of it.

Fast, Reliable, and affordable Emergency Locksmith Services Salt Lake County

Extra Locksmith offers fast, affordable, and reliable emergency locksmith services to our community. It is our goal to serve our customers and our community. That is why we offer emergency commercial services to our community. Serving our customers is what brought us into this industry.

Time and time again we see other companies giving inaccurate ETAs as well as using bait and switch tactics to get customers. We stay clear of those types of business practices so that our community can come to rely on us as the number one locksmith company in the area.

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