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Are you having issues with your locks? Finding it difficult to lock or unlock? Maybe it stopped working altogether. There are many reasons why this could happen, The best thing to do is call one of our dispatchers and get a locksmith technician out there to diagnose the problem at hand.

Broken Lock Services Salt lake County

Here at extra locksmith we tailor our services to best help our community. Sometimes that even means repairing a lock and helping you save a little bit of money rather than having to replace the whole thing. There are many things that can be damaged on a lock. One of them being the latch mechanism.

Broken or Damaged latch

If you are finding it very hard to turn the key in your lock cylinder one issue that it could be is a broken or damaged latch. There are many reasons why this could happen, a cheap latch, or error in the installation of the latch. Sometimes if the latch is initially screwed on too tight or too loose it can make the latch move around causing it to become damaged.

Latch Replacement

Another reason why this could happen is maybe whoever did the fresh installation of the latch screwed up when making the hole in the door. Then when they went to install the latch it was screwed on in a weird angle which put pressure on the latch in a way that it is not meant to handle. If this is the case we can usually fix your problem just by replacing your latch. We would then have to solve the issue that caused it in the first place which means we would see if we could reshape the hole so it doesn’t happen again.

Deadbolt Lock repair

You may also find that your deadbolt is hard to lock and unlock. If this is the case there could be many reasons for this. One reason besides just a broken latch is improper installment of the tailpiece on the lock. The tailpiece is the thing that turns the latch when you twiist the key and turn the cylinder, thereby engaging the locking mechanism. It is possible that whoever installed the lock either tightened the tailpiece too much or left it too loose, making the lock hard to use.

Door Lever Lock repair

Other common types of locks both on residential and commercial buildings are door knobs and door levers.

These work with a spring engaged latch which should be able to be pushed in if you can get enough space between the door and the frame, even when the lock is in the locked position. Sometimes this spring can be broken and the latch can stop working.

If this is the case, you may even get locked inside of a bedroom door. First thing is not to panic, next is to call extra locksmith to help you take care of the situation.

Damaged or worn out key

Over time keys can wear out. While the key wears out the pin lengths inside of the lock will usually stay the same. However, those pin lengths are specific to a key of a certain shape, this means if the key gets worn out, or loses its shape, it may not fit well with your lock anymore. The best way to solve this is through preventative measures. This means having multiple house keys so that if one gets worn out you can use the other one and make copies of that one.

However, if you have already found yourself in this situation and you only have one key you will have to go for a different solution. Thankfully, no matter the situation, Extra Locksmith always has your back. The way we can help you with this is by re-keying your locks to match a different key and give you copies of it. Or sometimes we can even just replace a few of the pins which correspond to the places where the key has worn out.

Emergency Broken Lock Repair

There are usually two types of emergency broken lock situations you can find yourself in. One is coming home and realizing your lock doesn’t work, the other is people finding themselves locked inside of their homes. If this has happened to you, please do not hesitate to call Extra Locksmith. We will come and help you whatever the situation may be.

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