Salt Lake City Broken Key Extraction Services

Have you gone to unlock your door and had a very hard time turning the key inside of your lock? You kept trying with force and eventually broke the key inside of your lock cylinder. No need to panic, here at Extra Locksmith we often help people out of this type of situation.

How to avoid Breaking a key in your lock

Making sure you are using the right key

The best thing to do is always first to prevent the situation in the first place. The first thing to do is to make sure you are using the correct key for that lock. Just because the key fits inside of the lock does not mean it is the key that matches that specific lock. If the lock is of the same keyway of the key, it will fit inside of the lock, even if it isn’t the key that is cut for that lock. So for example, if you have a key that is of a KW1 keyway, then it will fit inside of any kwikset lock that is of the KW1 keyway, no matter if it isn’t actually the right key or not. So if your key usually turns smooth and it isn’t turning now, do not force the key in there, instead try again with a different key.

Repairing damaged Locks

If your lock is always hard to turn, is rough, or you always have to wiggle it to unlock your home, then you should get the lock repaired. Over time this puts a lot of wear and tear on the key, and increases the likelihood of your key breaking inside of your lock. The best thing to do in this situation is to call Extra Locksmith and have one of our residential locksmiths come and take a look at the lock for you before you make the situation any worse.

Salt Lake City Key Extractions Include:

  • Deadbolt key extraction
  • Doorknob key extraction
  • Commercial mortise lock key extraction
  • Padlock key extraction
  • Cabinet lock key extraction
  • Desk lock key extraction
  • Vehicle lock key extraction

Broken Key Services In Salt Lake County Area

Sandy Store (801) 509-5554

West Valley Store (801) 919-8645

Affordable Key Extraction Service:

If you have broken a key inside of a commercial lock it can be a stressful situation. You may be inside the store waiting to lock up, or even worse, locked out of your store or place of business. If this has happened to you consider hiring Extra Locksmith. We will send out one of our Locksmiths to provide relief. The first thing they will do is extract the key from the cylinder. After that they will diagnose the reason why it happened and correct it. If you need an extra key or if the lock is damaged they will also be able to help you out with that.

One common reason why in commercial locks the key breaks off is because there is something loose within the cylinder that over time makes it harder and harder to turn. Usually it can be the tail piece of the cylinder or the set screw that is actually holding it in place. That is why we don’t only extract the key from the cylinder, but also find out why it happened in the first place so we can fix the issue so that it doesn’t happen again. If the lock is very damaged and it needs to be replaced we can help you out with that as well.

Vehicle Broken Key Extraction

In a vehicle the key can get break inside the ignition, one of the door cylinders, or the trunk. The best thing to do is prevent this from happening. Usually there is a negative feedback loop if the key starts to get damaged.

Let’s say you have a slightly damaged key and you go to put it in one of the cylinders, it will put wear and tear on the cylinder. Then the cylinder will become harder to turn, and this will put more wear and tear on the key. And this will keep going until one of the cylinders or your key breaks, or both. That is why if your key is even slightly damaged it is best to just get a duplicate so that you avoid having to pay a lot more in the future.

However, if you have broken a key in one of your vehicle’s cylinders, it is something Extra Locksmith would be able to help you out with. We can have a technician come out there, extract the key from the cylinder, cut and program a new key for you, and repair whatever issue you may have that caused it to happen so that it does not happen again.

Same Day SLC Key Extraction Services

If you have broken a Key inside any cylinder do not hesitate to call extra locksmith today. Whether it is in a vehicle, residential lock, commercial lock, or even a filing cabinet, we can help you out. No job is too big or too small for our technicians.

With accurate arrival times, accurate over the phone pricing, and professional locksmith technicians, there is really no reason to call any other company. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal!

Extra Locksmith has a large variety of other locksmith services that we specialize in. Don’t hesitate calling and asking for help. We would love to provide you with assistance. 


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