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Salt Lake Access Control

Access control is a selective restriction on physical entry including entering, consuming, or using a facility. There are many different ways to control someone’s access to a building. The most basic and standard way is of course, with a standard key in lock cylinder. However, typically when people are referring to access control methods they are referring to more sophisticated methods of restriction. Having a bouncer or guard at a location is another form of access control, the downside being that you have to have someone on guard all the time. If you are looking for access control services in Salt Lake City, contact Extra Locksmith today.

Electronic Access Control Systems

Electronic access control methods go beyond the operating limitations and solve the issues of standard lock cylinders.  For example, lets say you hand out a key to an employee, but would also like to know when and exactly who is entering your facility at different times. Simply having a standard lock will not give you that type of information. Electronic systems can work with code combinations and key cards. The lock combination or key card credential would then be presented to the reader.

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SLC Key Card Access and Time Tracking Software

The reader would then grant or halt access to the facility. You could then use track logs to figure out exactly when and who has tried to access your building based on the when the credentials were used. You would give out different credentials to different employees and could use that to track when people are coming in and out of the building. Just like you can use the key card to figure out exactly when and who is accessing the building, you can also program in the cards to only work during certain times. Thereby further restricting access and making sure people only have access to the building when you want them to. These cards and codes can also be erased remotely in case one goes missing, or you have to let an employee go.

Access Control Installation

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Contact Extra Locksmith today if you are thinking about an access control system at your commercial property. We will send out one of our expert access control certified technicians to take a look at your property. After seeing the current locking and door mechanisms on your door, they will be able to help you decide which option is best for you based on your needs and what’s currently installed. Our technicians will work with you based on your budget, needs, and the current hardware to install the best system for you.

Magnetic Locks

A mag lock, or an electromagnetic lock, is a lock that uses an electric current which causes a magnetic field to operate the lock. It is a conductor that puts out a strong enough magnetic field to prevent the door from being open. Some disadvantages are that they require a constant power source to work, and if there is a power outage, then your mag lock may not work during that event.

Is Access Control In Salt Lake City Right For Me?

Having a sophisticated, access control system in a place of business is not for everyone. There are some disadvantages to think about when considering an installation. First is that it can be costly. This type of system always needs power going to it to work effectively, so if there is an issue with the power source, then the access control system can fail. However, here at Extra Locksmith we do everything we can to mitigate these chances of failure. On top of using the main power source for you building, we alw ays install a backup power source which will be switched on in case of an outage with an external battery.

If you are looking to closely monitor who is going in and out of your building, and at what times they are doing so, this is the solution for you. It’s also a great solution if you are wishing to restrict the times certain employees can enter your building. Another advantage is that without giving out keys, employees can’t go around making copies of those keys, and keep access to your building after you don’t want them to have access any longer.

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